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Toshiaki Namiki Sensei
Toshiaki Namiki Sensei.

Toshiaki Namiki Sensei
9th Dan Black Belt
Chief Instructor JSKF

Toshiaki Namiki is one of karate's great masters. Born in Japan on December 9, 1949, he studied Karate-do from childhood, having as direct professors the greatest masters of that time.

1967, while enrolled at Nippon University, he became a member of the university's karate club, for which he won several prizes, including 1st prize at All-Japan Karate Tournament. After graduating the Nippon University in 1972, he was named chief-instructor of the university's karate club.

1978 Sensei Namiki came to USA. 1979 Professor at University of Southern California (U.S.C.), where he taught karate and self-defense as part of the University curriculum.

1992 Sensei Namiki moved to Redmond, in the Washington State. Here he founded the Redmond Dojo, where he still teaches almost all classes personally. When not teaching in Redmond, Namiki Sensei is conducting seminars and stages for karate instructors in dojos from USA, Europe and South America.

Toshiaki Namiki carries on the tradition of his teachers and of his spiritual mentor Gichin Funakoshi, the Father of Modern Karate, emphasizing always the spiritual aspects of Karate-do.

Toshiaki Namiki Sensei
Toshiaki Namiki, after winning the 1st prize at All-Japan Karate Tournament August 1969.

An eighth degree black belt and a familiar face at tournaments, he trained a host of international and national instructors, champions and celebrities.

The list of awards obtained by Namiki Sensei at international competitions is rather large.

Here are just some of them:

  • 1969 East Japan University League Tournament Kumite - 2nd Place
  • 1969 All Japan Karate Tournament University Division, Kata - lst Place
  • 1970 All Japan Karate Tournament University Division, Kata - 2nd Place
  • 1975 All Japan Karate Tournament, Kumite - 3rd Place
  • 25th Tokyo Karate Tournament, Team Kumite - 1st Place
  • 26th Tokyo Karate Tournamerrt, Team Kumite - 1st Place
  • 27th Tokyo Karate Tournament, Team Kumite - 1st Place
  • Japan Karate Association World Tournament: 2 appearances.

Sensei Namiki's reputation has spread foremost because of his superior technical expertise and his disciplined instruction.

Here is the beginning of the interview with Namiki Sensei, which was presented as part of the documentary film "Zen, Dance and the Martial Arts" realized 1992:

"Right after my graduation from the university in 1972, Japan was asking all the instructors to go to the United States. At that time I thought that it would be a good idea to convey Japanese culture and the Japanese mind to the Americans."

You can download this documentary from here. Note: This movie requires Microsoft Media Player (Click Here To Download Windows Media Player)

You can contact Sensei Namiki by email, at the folowing address: namiki at japanshotokan.org.

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